2nd Annual InnoGen India Summit 2017

Gaining insights on navigating the various regulatory regimes, evaluating partnership opportunities for Generics innovation, latest scientific advances in technology and optimal commercialization strategies to ensure effective foray in the promising global innovative generics market through substantial product differentiation

2nd Annual Innogen India Summit 2017

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Competition in the generics market is becoming increasingly intense. There is still room for growth in the more mature generics markets, with governments examining methods of increasing generic usage even further. Low competition & higher profitability seem to be the critical drivers for innovative generics.

Top line growth of the pharma business beyond 2016 is estimated nearly $1.4 trillion in drug sales by 2020. Two-thirds of the growth between 2012 and 2020 is forecasted to come from emerging countries, including BRICS. Approximately 50% of future global drug market growth will come from generics. And estimations are that the super generics can generate 7 to 10 times value of plain generics with all the top global generic players including the Indian companies having a ‘super-generic’ strategy in place and making investments accordingly.

We bring you the 2nd edition of the InnoGen Summit designed to keep you up to date with the latest legislative, regulatory, and global developments in the generic marketplace, whilst providing networking opportunities with the key industry decision makers. The platform will address the pain points, facts, figures, strategies and applications of super-generics in the Indian and global market.






Key Conference Focus Areas:

  • New characterization techniques and analytical tools to demonstrate the differentiation in innovative generics
  • Innovation strategies for generic drug companies: moving into Super Generics
  • Approaches to studies required to demonstrate the claimed differentiation and safety of the new product and exploring the appropriate development plan
  • Innovative approaches to drug delivery
  • Upcoming trends to look forward to in Novel drug delivery systems
  • Understanding the regulatory requirements for super-generic development

Who Should Attend?

  • National and International Generic and Biosimilar Medicines Industry
  • National, European, American and International Authority Representatives
  • Pharmaceutical Sector Analysts and Consultants
  • Investment Bankers
  • Consultants and Service Providers
  • API Manufacturers
  • Law Firms - Patent Litigation Specialists
  • Pharmaceutical Distributors
  • Academia
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Medical Societies
  • Patient Organizations

Who will you meet?

Functional heads across departments

  • Business Development & Strategy
  • Government Affairs
  • Strategic Marketing
  • IP /Legal Counsel
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Research & Development
  • Commercial
  • Formulations
  • Procurement / Sourcing
  • External Manufacturing
  • Clinical Trials
  • Market Access
  • Corporate Planning
  • Product Development
  • Strategy Planning & Development
  • Licensing
  • Collaborative Research
  • Quality Assurance

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